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Elevating Software Development

The Problem

Software development is slow, disjointed and unfocused

Software projects are complex. They require buy-in from multiple parties and they suffer from the “black box” effect – meaning it is difficult to gain ongoing visibility into a project’s progress.

Our Answer

Amplified Solutions increases your software ROI by augmenting processes and elevating people.

We’re not software developers. We’re your “Virtual CTO”.

Using effective processes, stress-tested technologies, and highly visible workflows we deliver timely, flexible, and affordable software solutions.

Through continual improvement and process assessment, we’ll partner with you to elevate your company and eliminate unecessary complexity.

Key Metrics

How We Measure Effectiveness

Deployment Frequency

How often is your application deployed? How often are new features added?

Mean Time to Repair

Bugs are inevitable, but how quickly can they be triaged, patched, and deployed?

Delivery Lead Time

How long does it take for your feature request to become reality?

Change Failure Rate

Changes can have unwanted impacts. How often do changes require remediation?

How We Do It

Integrated Solutions For Your Business

Top-Down Approach

It’s not just software, it’s your business. We look beyond the project to your goals, challenges and opportunities.

Amplified Commitment

We craft a technology stack specific to your project, ensuring the right tasks are being worked on at the right time, always.

Rapid Deployment

We move deployment projects into the fast lane by deploying new features multiple times per week (or even per day).

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Meet our Software Development Team

Greg Burkett

Greg Burkett


Greg has owned and managed successful web agencies for more than 20 years. He is known in the industry for his responsiveness and creativity in solving clients’ development problems. Greg is a proficient front-end developer with decades of experience in User Interface and User Experience design.

Haris Vodopic

Haris Vodopic

Lead Developer

Faran Feroz

Faran Feroz

Lead Developer

Julia Kiseleva

Julia Kiseleva

Lead QA Engineer